5 Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Your Dental Health

The way you lead your life will have an impact on your dental health. Good oral hygiene notwithstanding, it’s your habits and lifestyles that will determine the health of your teeth and gums. You thus can’t expect brushing, flossing and rinsing alone to get total oral hygiene when you’re not that good with other areas of life. which means, if your lifestyle is not healthy, it could eventually lead to an array of dental problems including a weakened tooth structure, risk of tooth decay, bad smile, stinking breath etc. It’s therefore important to be on the right side of oral care and ensure total health to your teeth and gums.

Let’s look at some lifestyle factors that could affect your dental health in the long run.


  1. Bad food choices

If you’re not careful with foods you choose to eat, it can have a bad consequence for your dental health. Only a balanced diet helps if you’re concerned with dental health. Eating fruits, vegetables, almonds, raw nuts, cheese, yoghurt, items with vitamin A & vitamin C, celery, pineapples will help a lot. On the other hand, binging on chips, fried items, crackers won’t help much as much as your dental health is concerned. So, eat right, follow regular oral care and get a perfect smile like never before.


  1. Over-consumption of sugary items

Call it the curse of modernity or whatever, but the mankind has been over-consuming on sugary items like it never did before. Marketers don’t bay an eyelid in promoting candies, chocolates, fruit juices, sport drinks as if they are elixir of life. On the contrary, they are extremely bad for your dental health with potential to cause irreparable damage to your teeth and gums. The more sugar you eat, the more chances you give bacteria and plaque to grow, which can eventually lead to tooth decay via cavities. So, be careful and cut back on sugar intake.


  1. Use of tobacco products

Nothing harms the aesthetic and strength of your teeth and gums as much as tobacco products do. Smoking in particular is extremely bad for your dental health as it could easily lead to stained or discolored teeth. If the habit persists, you may be even at a greater risk to tooth decay over time. Worse still, the chemicals found in tobacco product can cause oral cancer, throat cancer and other deadly skin problems. You thus have no option but to quit tobacco if you want healthy and pearly white teeth.


  1. Alcohol

People who drink alcohol are more likely to have poor oral hygiene than the non-drinkers. Which means, your liquor habit can harm your dental health as you are less likely to care for your teeth and gums. Secondly, alcohol consumption dehydrates the mouth, a condition in which saliva production is severely affected. Your mouth is thus not able to scrub away bacteria letting it enter the body and cause some other issues, including heart problems. So, quit alcohol if you really care for your dental health, or want healthy teeth.


  1. Medication

If dental health concerns you, it may then not be a bad idea to be first sure about certain medications before following on with them. Some of them may have ingredients bad for your oral health. Even dentists don’t advise using certain drugs as they might cause dry mouth or staining. It’s thus better to consult the dentist and know about side effects of medication you’re taking. If you did not, who knows you might lose teeth over time and end up bearing full dental implants cost, which you’d definitely not want.

Written by Sawoni Chowdhury

Sawoni Chowdhury

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