5 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism and Loose Weight Quickly


It is inevitable, we all want to know the secret to losing weight with the least possible effort, especially when we have settled and have gained a few extra pounds that seem to have installed on your body forever. But do you know how? One of the most effective tricks is to accelerate our metabolism.

Although diet always requires a sacrifice, the truth is that there are ways to lose weight more quickly. One is speed up your metabolism, which will help us achieve visible results more quickly. But how you can speed up metabolism? It sure is not the first time that ye lay blame your metabolism for those extra pounds you want to delete. Here we show you some ideas for you to get your way, you lose weight faster.

First of all, you should know exactly how much weight you should lose to achieve your ideal weight. So if you are looking for a way to get in shape, do not miss our advice … It’s time to rev up your metabolism!

  1. accelerate-metabolismReduce carbohydrates

While it is important to strike a balance between different types of foods in your diet, doctors recommend that slacken slightly the amount of carbohydrates in your menu. In this way, you’ll also get speed up your metabolism. Different studies show that carbohydrates promote a slower metabolism and contribute to weight gain. This means to say “goodbye” to large amounts of pasta, bread and potatoes in your diet.

  1. Say goodbye to fat, thanks to tea

Tea is full of antioxidants that help you fight fat accumulated in your body. But that’s not all, its high percentage of protein will make your body is activated, accelerating your metabolism through a process called thermogenesis, by which fat burning occurs more quickly and effectively. What do you expect to have a cup?

  1. drink-teaIncrease protein

To slightly increase the amount of protein in a balanced diet, your body will be better able to lose weight quickly. And the extra supply of quality protein will help you fight your sluggish metabolism. When we talk about quality protein, we are particularly referring to those who respond to the needs of your body. This means that those with high levels of amino acids, such as meat or fish, are a good choice in your diet. Here, lean meats and eggs, especially eggs, are an important source of protein to accelerate your metabolism.

  1. coconutCoconut oil

You may have heard of the benefits of coconut products, you hear other people’s conversations in your gym or in your office. And there’s a reason for that, because replacing the usual cooking oil, coconut oil going to help your body burn fat faster. Studies have shown that these fats are easily digested and get stimulate the metabolism to burn three times more calories than other oils for six hours since the last meal.


  1. Control quantities

Balance is the key to losing weight. Although there are diets that do not limit amounts, a good way to lose weight is not gorging food, however healthy they are. An easy and convenient way to measure the amounts is to use the palm of your hand. This means that the amount protein on your menu should be the size of the palm while the size of your fist should be equivalent to carbohydrates on your plate. This way you do not overload your body with portions that are too large for your size. It seems a cinch!

  1. Try cinnamon

This delicious flavored spice normally your favorite desserts can be your best ally. Although you do not believe, it favors the assimilation cinnamon sugar, making your body metabolizes up to twenty times faster. You can put a twist on the tea or coffee to not add calories. The result is delicious, and you’ll be helping your body.

Written by Moreno


Moreno is a 37-year old man from Argentina. He is passionate about Fitness, and loves swimming and dancing Tango. He works as a fitness and dance instructor in a local gym in Algarve, Portugal.

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