Beer’s Effect on Our Skin

While it is not entirely bad to drink lager every once in a while, consuming a keg (read: alone) can have a significant effect on you – especially on your skin. To know some of the conditions your pores can suffer from too much alcohol, read on.

#1 Worsened rosacea – For those suffering from this chronic condition that involves the inflammation of the face’s surface, they will find it difficult to cure their mala

dy if they excessively gulp down alcohol.

#2 Malnourished look – Of course, it is good for you if you consume lots of water. But, drink too much of an alcoholic fluid and you will get an adverse effect on your skin: it will lose its plump and fresh appearance.

#3 Broken capillaries – If you see yourself blush after a few mugs of liqueur, blame it on the beer dilating the capillaries on your facial area. While this does not seem like a problem, wait until you develop spider veins on your face.

#4 Wrinkles – In many cases, people who drink beer also tend to combine this vice with another unhealthy habit: smoking. Combine the two and one’s vitamin A deposit will be depleted, which results with a person developing unsightly age lines. Apparently, the aforementioned vitamin protects our bodies against ageing agents called free radicals.

#5 Sallow appearance – Over time, too much consumption of alcohol in the body can have a serious negative impact on our livers. When this happens, our body slowly loses its ability to detoxify, resulting in us developing an ugly, sallow appearance.

Indeed, too much of this well-loved beverage does no good to any of us. And if you have a loved one who is a binge drinker, these signs are just another reason for you to convince them to drop that bottle of cider and seek expert help concerning their unhealthy vice.

In case if you or your loved one is addicted to alcohol then this is the right time to meet a therapy consultant for alcohol addiction in the United States of america who can help any of your family members who are currently battling such a condition. Such an individual can help your loved one stay sobriety and long-lasting recovery.

Written by Yamini


Yamini is a content strategist who researches the latest topics about what the addiction industry speaks about and what kind of therapy’s treatment center offer. She loves to read a lot about the happenings, particularly in the addiction/ recovery sector. She also shares her review of the recovery center of America. Specializes in handling blogs in potential means of marketing and circulating across social media.

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