How to get visible results through workouts you actually enjoy

Weight training and eating a well balanced diet can be challenging at times. While balancing work, children, social life and hobbies, hitting the gym can sometimes be the last on your priority list. So, unless you really enjoy the gym and your workouts, you will put off working out and not prioritize it in your life. This can lead to weak muscles, bad posture, unwanted body fat and an unhealthy overall feeling.

Eating healthy plays a huge role in weight training. If you eat junk food and a lot of unhealthy food, your workouts won’t be as beneficial, and your results won’t be as visible or satisfying. When weight training, your diet should be a combination of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates (not sugars or processed food) and healthy fats (no trans fat). By combining healthy eating and weight training, you will see results which will not only motivate you to keep going, but also build your self confidence.

If you are a beginner, it is important to seek the proper guidance to learn the proper techniques so you don’t hurt yourself and discourage you from weight training in the future. After all, an injury could lead to permanent damage. You can consume countless videos and articles, but having someone guide you, watch your form and understand your limit is the best option you have. By searching Google “best personal trainer in Vancouver” will see many options to find the best trainer to suit your needs and budget.

Identify the Best Workouts to Keep You Motivated and Healthy

Nowadays there are numerous varieties of workouts and trainers to choose from. If you like group classes and find motivation working out with other people then CrossFit, bootcamps, or group classes at the gym would be great options for you. If you are crunched for time and only have time for 30-45 min workouts, specialty gyms offer quick and efficient workouts meant to burn maximum calories and build muscle in a short amount of time.

If weight training doesn’t motivate you, there are lots of other options out there to choose from. Playing sports or training martial arts always makes workouts fun and challenging. Some great sports options include a local dodgeball, soccer or basketball team. Having a team that depends on you will motivate you to show up and give it 100%. Sports are not only healthy but can also improve your social life.

Setting challenges is always a great motivation and will push you to achieve these goals. It could be as simple as signing up for a 5km run, or doing your first triathlon. The most important key is to set an achievable goal. Unachievable goals will lead to failure and discouragement. If you have never ran before, a full marathon is an example of taking too big of a challenge. Start small by completing a 5km and build up your confidence and continue challenging yourself.

How to Eat Healthy to See Visible Results

Thanks to the internet, we literally have thousands of diet options one click away. Finding the right diet and understanding what foods are right for your body can be challenging. With so many allergies and food sensitivity commonplace today, some diets could actually be worse for your body type. By visiting a nutritionist and taking a food sensitivity test, you can understand what foods are best suited for you versus what your body doesn’t like. By understanding your body and feeding it with healthy foods, you can accomplish any look or goal you desire. All it takes is a little discipline and hard work.

Written by Kira Boyd

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