Loosing Weight Without Gym: A Motivation Guide


Busy enough with your school work, your home work, your 8-5 job or even juggling multiple jobs in order to make ends meet?

It seems ridiculous that with our busy lifestyle, we still have to travel to the gym in order to lose weight. Pick up any set of fitness magazine. Be it Men’s Health, some bodybuilding magazine or even some of Cleo’s magazine, the exercise portion always recommends you exercises which requires the equipment only available at the gym!

Burn fats not oil

If you are a girl/woman, I am sure you will experience something like that too. You probably find that very few guys actually like you beyond a friend, and that people always seem to judge you very negatively just because of your weight.

Isn’t it terrible enough to be treated so badly? Now with our busy schedules, we can’t even go the gym to workout to lose weight?? Seems like we are were doomed!

There are many ways in which you can lose weight without gym. The following are some of the best ways in which you can do so.

Jogging in the park or by the beach

Most people like to go to the gym and jog/walk/talk/whatever on the treadmill for long periods of time, but don’t seem to lose much weight either. That’s because one gets easily bored on the treadmill, and feel less motivation to workout after time. Either that, or one gets too ‘chill’ and start jogging at a pace no different from walking.

Why do that? Instead, if you were to jog by the beach or in the park, you will experience more fun! Other than being able to have access to fresh cooling air, you will have more ‘scenery’ and happenings to look at while jogging, making it more interesting as opposed to staring at the mirror or wall in the gym… unless you’re a big narcissist (but all of us are :P).

Body weight circuit exercises

Body weight exercises like push ups, chin ups and leg raises are some of the best exercises you can perform.

Not only do they not require any equipment to perform (you can go to a nearby fitness corner or simply rearrange some household items to do them), they are also better for building lean muscle and burning fats!

Why is that so?

Unlike some gym exercises, these compound body weight exercises require you to stabilize your body without the help of any machines. You will need to recruit the stabilization muscles in your body to help complete the execution of these exercises, thereby burning more calories, and training more muscle fiber groups.

Also, with body weight exercises, the rest time between sets can be much shorter since you do not need to clear the weights for other people to use the previous machine you just used.

body weight exercises

Body weight exercises are also much kinder on the body joints, making you less prone to joint injuries, as well as general injuries.

I love how body weight exercises and generally exercising outside of the gym. It’s something similar to the feeling of having… retired, where working out in the gym is still being stuck in the 8-5 rat race.

Written by Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav Tripathi is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Professional and Blogger. Gaurav is also the founder of Clciktrends.com and Fat-Smash-Diet.net Blogs.

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