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People have become desperately reliant on various weight loss “crutches” if you may. If you’re brutally honest, you will agree that you are the most important role player in your weight loss endeavours. So take a long, hard look in the mirror and say hallo to your new personal trainer… yourself.

Self-tailored new body

In order to take control of your weight loss, you need to realize that you are in charge of transforming your body. The fundamental concept behind a self-guided approach to weight loss is independence. This does not mean that you have to come up with the whole strategy for losing weight on your own. You just have to realize that you need to implement the assistance that you decide to make use of. You may choose to seek direction from books or the internet to guide your self-proclaimed efforts.

Intention is an indicator of success and a perception of self-control can increase determination. Studies have shown that weight loss increases when a clear weight loss plan is made ahead of time. This means that if you are serious about losing weight and implement a personalized plan of action, you are very likely to be motivated to achieve your weight loss goals.

personal-trainer-assistingSet goals

Goal setting has been shown to be an effective approach to weight loss planning. It is not simply about setting targets and aiming. Practical goals for weight loss should be:

  • Real

It is of the essence to make your goals a reality. Take an honest look at what you want to achieve and realize that you want to lose weight.

  • Specific

You have to know what you want in order to strive for it. Aim for a goal weight or measurement and keep your eye (and appetite) on it.

  • Difficult, yet attainable

Goals are set to be achieved and therefore they should be a bit more difficult than everyday tasks. It is important, however, to be realistic about your goals. They should be hard enough to work for, but not too difficult. If you set unachievable goals you may wind up feeling discouraged. Negativity is not something you want on your plate when you are trying to lose weight!

  • Monitored

Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves everyday lose more weight than people who don’t. A handy tip is to record your weight loss progress to get motivated by your results.

  • Scheduled

Setting deadlines for goals will motivate you to lose weight faster. These deadlines do, however, need to be realistic!

So now that you have become a personal trainer…

As your own personal trainer you need to be strict with yourself and stick to your plan. A good place to start is with eating habits. Try to exercise portion control and limit foods high in fats and energy. After mastering proper eating behaviours you can consider adding a custom-made exercise regime. Remember, you can either plan your own exercises or follow any other exercise program that you feel comfortable with as long as it falls in line with your weight loss plan.

So go on! Take control, get motivated and reach your weight loss goals!


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Written by Mariska Ten Dam

Mariska Ten Dam

Mariska ten Dam is a Health Care expert who specializes in Holistic Health. She is a qualified Natural Health Practitioner and a Health and Wellness Writer

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