Safe Weight Loss Tips: 5 Steps for Success


Many quick weight loss methods have become popular in recent years but none really has lasting, positive effects and some may even be potentially hazardous to health, or make an obesity problem worse. More often than not, dieting methods, which involve diet-drinks, diet-foods, supplement, or pills, just does not work long-term. Indeed, it stands to reason that anything that can result in quick weight loss, when you stop doing it will simply let the weight come back on again — and usually plus some!

It is far better to choose a healthy weight loss program, which will provide steady effective fat reduction that stays off long-term. It may seem less enticing to have to lose weight over a year instead of a few weeks, but the real gains in terms of permanent results are worth it. Importantly you have to know what is realistic, and set realistic weight loss goals, only in this way will you achieve the results that with lasting positive impact on your health and life.

Here are a few tips on how you can lose those unwanted pounds:

starvationStep 1: Do not starve yourself.

In fact the key to a healthier way of losing weight is: “Do not diet”.

It may seem like you are losing unwanted fat on your belly and thighs by eating little or no food, or at least consuming very low calorie intake. But these results will not last when you (necessarily) get fed up, or hit a target, and start to eat ‘normally’ again.

In fact very low calorie diets can lead to you losing lean muscle mass (which is important to preserve) and when you increase your intake new fat (rather than muscle) will be laid down so overall you will be worse off.

Step 2: Ensure you always have a proper breakfast.

Didn’t Mum always tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? In many respects, she was correct! After a nights rest the body does need an ‘injection’ of sufficient nutrition so that you begin to function efficiently through the day.  A good breakfast also kick-starts your metabolism, which as mentioned, needs to be ‘burning’ effectively to help you lose weight. If you do not eat that ‘fast’ breaking meal, you could actually reduce your metabolic efficiency and…You got it…put weight on when you DO eat! There are many benefits of eating breakfast, so never ever miss it.

Step 3: Forget the old ‘three meals a day’ regime.

It is not reckoned that up to five or even six smaller snack-size meals per day is better than three heavier meals. In fact consuming a large meal composed of a mixture of protein, fats and carb sources is incredibly ‘testing’ for the body. It is both tiring and aging (in fact digestion is one of the most aging processes that our bodies undertake). Eating more frequently smaller servings can also reduce the likelihood of over-eating. Regular intakes of smaller amounts throughout the day will also boost your metabolism and make your body ‘burn’ calories more efficiently.

diet-slimStep 4: Set yourself a weight loss goal.

This means being realistic. Hoping to shed 40 pounds before your vacation in a fortnight’s time is simply not likely to happen (if it did it would probably be at considerable health risk). For a slim, svelte summer figure you should be planning to lose weight over months rather than weeks, and consider than a goal of losing more than 1 to 3 pounds a week is neither realistic, nor healthy.

This means that a goals of about 8 pounds loss per month should be achievable if you choose a sensible and proven diet program that you feel happy you can stick to. If the diet program you choose is too much of a challenge for you personally, you will not find it easy just to continue when life’s little problems rear their ugly heads!

Step 5 : Keep well hydrated!

In other words, consume plenty of clean water from a reliable source. If you drink lots of clean water daily, than you will definitely see the difference after a month or week. So drink more and more water every day.

Eat healthy, drink plenty of water steadily through the day, get enough sleep and do enough exercise. You will soon be amazed at the rejuvenating and healthful effect your weight loss goals will provide for you!

Written by Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav Tripathi is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Professional and Blogger. Gaurav is also the founder of and Blogs.

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