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For years people have asked the question: “How do I stop overeating and how do I lose weight?” Indeed, this question seems to become more complicated as we age. But this post will offer some pointers, as well as a product known as garcinia cambogia. I shall also say that the product described in this post will not help you if you continue to overeat–perhaps for comfort–and not do the common sense things such as exercising and trimming the wrong foods from your diet.

  1. Reasons Skipping Meals Is Unhealthy

Eat three solid meals per day. The one most important meal of the day is breakfast. Do not skip this meal. The energy you’ll need for the rest of the day comes from being true to this principle. For if you skip meals, especially breakfast, instead of cutting calories, your body, at the time of the next meal, will go into starvation mode. You will end up eating more at lunch, and perhaps even dinner. This is one reason most diets don’t work. A research study by the British Journal of Nutrition, as cited by Prevention magazine, seems to back this up. When the researchers tracked about 900 adults, they found that when these adults ate more fat, carbohydrates and protein throughout the day, they tended to not feel the need to eat bigger meals during the day. Or to munch on harmful foods during the day.

  1. Foods and Tips for More Fiber

Foods like bread and many cereals have the effect of making us feel fuller than those of us who like to eat junk food every day around breakfast time. And in addition these foods keep us regular, producing the solid waste we need to produce in order to help our metabolism to keep working as it ought.

  1. Listening To Your Body – Your Natural Health Resource

Just think of your body as one gigantic hunger meter with several different levels of hunger. If you are starving, it means your stomach is empty and you may be on the verge of a sugar attack. Your blood sugar has lowered, and your eyesight may be blurry and you may be feeling light-headed. This means you may be in starvation mode, and you may need an immediate meal to get you out of starvation mode, and a cup of orange juice to raise your blood sugar. This is especially important, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, for example.

Then you may be hungry. You are thinking about where your next meal is coming, but if you wait too long to figure it out, you may lapse into starvation mode. That’s what you want to avoid.

If you’re moderately hungry, it means that your body is showing different signs, such as the growling of the stomach. Do not ignore these signs, eat something healthy right away! If you are satisfied, then you’ve eaten enough food to tide you over until your next meal. You are relaxed and comfortable, and do not need nourishment for awhile. Leave it be.

If you’re full, you are certainly not hungry anymore, and in fact, your belly feels slightly bloated. Besides, your food does not taste as good as it did earlier in the day. If you’re stuffed, that means that you are not only full, you’re full to the point of being engorged. Remember our mothers told us not to gorge ourselves, and to eat only when we’re truly hungry? Watch out for this condition. For not only are you getting fatter, but acid is also traveling up your stomach. That is not good. Acid reflux could become a problem if you’re doing it habitually.

  1. Exercise and Physical Fitness

Get a good workout going on. Start out by walking from home to work, or biking there. Do this every day to burn calories. Inactivity, no matter how many tips you follow in this post, is a cardinal health sin. Exercise is, in fact, a must.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia: Safe for Weight Loss?

Garcina Cambogia is a supplement that is based on a tropical fruit. And it’s also known as the “popular weight supplement,” according to WebMd. It contains a chemical that helps to block your body’s ability to make additional fat. Some people have said that it keeps things such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check as well, It is also said to play a major role as an appetite suppressant as well, which, indeed, is a critical piece in the weight loss struggle. It also raises the levels of the brain enzyme called seratonin–which functions in making you feel less hungry.

Try some Garcinia Cambogia, but follow rules of good diet and exercise, and eating better foods, adding the good ones to your diet while removing the not so good ones. And check with your primary doctor or other caregiver before making any significant diet changes, especially if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or sugar.

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