Try These Simple Ways to Lose Weight at Your Home


I know many people’s are struggling to lose their extra weight and trying to get in to perfect body shape. It’s not tough but not easy too. There are several solutions to lose weight like weight loss pills, weight loss diets, fat burning foods, regular exercise, and better nutrition etc. Depending on your goals, you choose the method that suits you best. These two elements “regular exercise” and “a balanced diet” is very important for you if you really want to lose weight.

Balance Your Body with Good Diet

A good diet is the key to balance your body. Your meals should contain both lipids, carbohydrates than protein if the immediate consequence will be the deficiencies. Your diet should be based on your tastes while respecting the daily intake of necessary nutrients. So you will know more frustration driven by dieting. So do consider:

  • Integrate with your new eating habits the fat burning foods that is to say that help lose weight. These are, for example, pear, parmesan, olive oil, red pepper, vinegar, yogurt without fat, wild salmon, nuts, apple, black beans, coffee, cinnamon or cottage cheese;
  • Generally avoid all too fatty foods, fried foods, whole milk, butter, margarine, sugars, alcohol, red meats and sausages in general.

Follow These Simple and Effective Ways to Lose Weight Easier

1) Change what you order in a restaurant: if you love fast food especially at lunch in the office, start looking elsewhere in the letter, the salads or cakes are an excellent choice. It can also be a piece of chicken or grilled meat.

2) Eliminate snacks: when you’re cooking dinner or still a while to eat, is likely to fill your stomach your hunger with snacks package. Besides being highly addictive, they contain many calories. If you’re really hungry, you prefer a fruit or cereal bar.

3) Consume breakfast of 300 calories:  a healthy combination of protein and cereal is what allows you to have a lot of energy throughout the day and what is better, eat less at any time. If you’re not having breakfast, do not try to stuff yourself with food from day one, but gradually adds another element.

4) Exercise 20 minutes a day : you do not need to write it down in a gym, you can use to go shopping, go get your kids to school walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, get off before the bus, wash the car, mowing the lawn or playing with your kids in the park.

5) Quit smoking: This habit is not only harmful to the body, but also does not allow you to lose weight. If you smoke than you cannot do any exercise, you feel sleepy or very tired every time. Got my point?

6) Get rid of anything you cannot eat: One of the problems among dieters is temptation. If there are many “forbidden” foods, replace them with healthier ones in your cupboard. Low calorie snacks for example, whole meal or cereal instead of fries, refined flour and chocolates.

Final Words

Eat well but don’t eat more. Try to do exercise daily and always think positive, you will definitely reach to your goal soon.  Feel free to ask anything by comment..

Written by Moreno


Moreno is a 37-year old man from Argentina. He is passionate about Fitness, and loves swimming and dancing Tango. He works as a fitness and dance instructor in a local gym in Algarve, Portugal.

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